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Open, with tarpaulin or fully closed body, because especially in international freight transport, articulated lorries are used in a variety of ways - among other things, they are advantageous for meeting traffic and warehouse traffic. Since docking only once, articulated lorries are often more popular with drivers than other transport solutions.

Standard semi-trailers with German approval have an inner length of 13.62 meters and a width of 2.48 meters.

The maximum external dimensions are thus 13.68 by 2.55 meters, with an internal height of three meters.Depending on the type of body, the payload is up to 27 tonnes.

Up to 34 pallet spaces can be loaded on a semitrailer, or alternatively up to 68 in the double decker.

Our fleet:

25 Semitrailer tractors

Configuration on demand:

  • Height-adjustable body
  • Curtainsider
  • Liftgate
  • Pallet body
  • Steered trailing axle

Maximum inner dimensions: 13,68 x 2,55 x 3 meters

  • Lifting axle
  • Edscha top
  • Porch door
  • Rolling door
  • Double decker body