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Refrigerated transports

Fresh food and other goods, which are subject to an uninterrupted cold chain, can be taken over and transported by our refrigerated vehicles.

These specially equipped vehicles have active cooling with diesel or electric drive. The capacity of a refrigerated semitrailer is 33 pallet spaces or 66 in double decker.

Up to two 18 or 36 pallet spaces can fit on a refrigerated swap body train - in total up to 72. The maximum payload, at 22 tonnes, is slightly lower than in other superstructures.

We drive both in the fresh area with 2 degrees Celsius as well as in the freezer area with up to -28 degrees. In frost, conversely, a heating of the goods is possible.

Our fleet:

15 Refrigerated transport vehicles

Payload of up to 22 tons

Frozen transport at up to -28 ° Celsius

Fresh transport at 2 ° Celsius