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Over 50 years of Röhlich

From the first truck to a high-tech fleet

In 1965, together with his wife Angela, the experienced long-distance driver Franz Röhlich laid the foundation for more than five decades of RÖHLICH. With a starting capital of DM 3.000, which he borrowed from his sister, he bought his first own truck - a used Hanomag L 28.

Son Rudolf with enthusiasm from the beginning (photo)

Already 1 year after the founding he was able to hire a second driver, who took up the regular service between Kempten and Munich. In the 70s, new customers and new employees were added, the volume of freight grew and grew and more and more vehicles reinforced the Röhlich fleet.

The fleet in the 70s (photo)

From 1975 to 1978 Rudolf Röhlich, the son of the founder, learned the profession of forwarding merchant with the largest patron of his father, the forwarding company DACHSER. After completing his apprenticeship, he started his own business as a self-driving businessman with milk collection trips - just in his early 20s.

Impressions from the 80s (photo)

A year later, three vehicles were already in the region for him. Until father and son Röhlich decided in 1983 to put their two transport companies together again under a common roof.

Fleet in 1997 (photo)

A continuous expansion of the range of services characterized the next decades. With the tasks also the vehicle fleet became bigger and more differentiated.

Today, RÖHLICH has dozens of swap body and semitrailers, moving floor trucks, refrigerated trucks and special vehicles that operate every day with a wide variety of loads between Allgäu and other EU countries.

A remarkable development - started more than 50 years ago with only one used Hanomag.

Fleet in 2018 (photo)